Microsite. Argentine campaign of the brewery Quilmes for the Friend’s Day 2011. The site worked as an fake lie detector. The user had to accuse a friend of telling an incredible story and challenged him to enter the site and record himself telling the anecdote. The site “analyzed” the audio and the host (Chiche Gelblung, an Argentine journalist) returned the verdict.


AWARDojo de bronce
The project “Chiche y su Detector de Mentiras” (Chiche and its lie detector) receives El Ojo de Iberoamérica de Bronce (The Eye of Iberoamerica of Bronze) in the category Microsite / Hotsite.
Awards page: El ojo de Iberoamerica.

Category: Web DesignIllustrationArt Direction

Year: 2011

For: Quilmes

Project Manager: Mariano Saenz
Art Direction / Web Design / Illustration / Audiovisual edition: Javier Errecarte
Development: Mariano Costanzo
Idea: Mundo Buenos Aires

Challenge flow


Lie detector, first proposal.

Some drafts.